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Veterans are Needed in the Commercial Drone Industry

The American Drone Industry is full of exciting opportunities that challenge your current set of limitations. The workflow is incredible; take a 4x4 truck with a bunch of strange and cool equipment and drive to places where few humans have or ever will see. Once you're there, fly robots and collect data that helps prevent wildfires. You can't beat it! Name another group of individuals outside of military and first responder veterans who are capable of working as a team in austere environments to accomplish a task that is barely comprehended by the majority people. This industry is ready for us, now is the time to enter to make a real difference. Adventure awaits!

My personal journey into the drone industry inspired me to establish an entry point for veterans interested in entering the industry. I first entered the commercial drone industry in 2020 by driving across the US from North Carolina to California to operate UAS for California's Wildfire Mitigation Program. The first drone I ever touched was the RQ-16 Raven, a hand launched, fixed wing drone, with a white hot thermal sensor attached. We used the Raven to conduct surveillance missions during convoy security operations in Helmand Province Afghanistan. At that time, I would've never guessed that I would be driving trucks and flying robots across the US. This industry has become a place of solace in the civilian world, and I know it can become one for other veterans who still fill the need to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Join the American Drone Industry and carve out. your own place in history.

To the future of Flight,


"The wars are over, but our fight lives on."

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